Mazda Hybrid Cars

Mazda Hybrid Cars

"The Mazda Tribute delivers an excellent value for people who want the image and versatility of a sport-utility coupled with refinement and better on-road handling than truck-based utilities."
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Mazda North American Operations has added the Mazda Tribute Hybrid Electric Vehicle to their lineup for the 2009 model year. The Tribute HEV is the latest environmentally friendly vehicle to join the Mazda lineup.

The 2009 Tribute Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) continues Mazda's commitment to environmental responsibility. Joining the MAZDA3 and MAZDA6, both offering Partial-Zero Emission engines, this Mazda hybrid SUV combines the well-crafted elegance of the Mazda Tribute with the energy efficiency of an environmentally friendly, gas-electric hybrid engine.

At a casual glance, discerning the difference between a conventional and hybrid Tribute is difficult. There are a few subtle but key distinctions. The Tribute Hybrid has 16-inch wheels as standard, shod with Continental's ContiTrac Eco Plus tires that provide a lower rolling resistance.

The Tribute HEV, with the modified MZR 2.5-liter gasoline engine, has been optimized to run on the Atkinson combustion cycle. The Atkinson cycle modifies the timing of the closing of the valves, letting the engine realize more efficiency.

Additional power is provided by a permanent magnet AC synchronous electric motor at low speeds or in low-load situations. Once the Tribute HEV reaches speeds over 25 mph, or if extra power is needed, the gasoline engine starts smoothly to provide it with the required power and efficiency.

With the Regenerative Braking System, upon deceleration the electric motor charges the battery by working as a generator, storing normally lost energy then transferring it to the battery cell, which will be used by the AC synchronous electric motor.

High compression ratio and lightweight aluminum construction make the engines and drivetrain even more efficient. Incredible mileage of up to 31 highway/34 city MPG with the FWD model and 27 highway/29 city with the 4WD model. Incorporates the luxurious interior and bold, aggressive exterior of the standard Tribute SUV.

The Tribute HEV also has great features such as a premium entertainment system and innovative storage, along with the latest safety features such as Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. The advanced front air bags provide front coverage with side-impact air curtains supplying protection in rollover situations. ( Info courtesy of Mazda )